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We are working in IT services for 10 years and developing software applications and mobile apps for clients all over the world.

Warranty Management IT

We offer end-to-end warranty lifecycle management and helps organizations reduce warranty costs.

Product Control Services

Provide on-line access of your corporation's products/services database to customers.

Quality Control System

Managing quality in the IT sector helps ensure consistency of service and customer satisfaction.

Our Company

Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative solutions

ETEK SERVE is a market leader in the implementation and integration of business-to-business e-commerce applications. Our employees work for Fortune 300 companies. We collabo and NEW Corp., to name a few, in the development and implementation of complete logistics and supply chain solutions—with a focus on e-purchasing systems for both commercial and public sector organisations.
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Preparing for your success, we provide IT solutions

IT Management

IT management tasks include maintaining databases and cloud storage systems.

IT Consulting

Information technology (IT) consulting services aim to help you develop and put into practice the IT strategy.

Data Security

We prioritise the protection of personal data from unauthorised third-party access, malicious attacks, and data exploitation.

Infrastructure Plan

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IT Design

Iterative processing is used in design thinking to test one idea to see if it is a solution to the users' problem.

Software Engineering

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